214 Eastern Ave

Gloucester, MA 01930

(617) 230 7368

Brenda and Ben Santora



Welcome to Trident Yoga

Located in The Commons

214 Eastern Ave (Rt 127)

Gloucester MA 01930




Yoga is a powerful

vehicle for change.

As you build strength,

flexibility and balance

and learn self-discipline

through daily practice,

you start to believe

in your own potential.


Our studio is open to all. We run small classes so that we are able to provide personalized care, individual attention and inspiration. We are looking for students who want to take control over their health and well-being.

A physical practice is a progressive learning process which takes time and commitment. We all want to live and move in a graceful and holistic way.

Regular practice can be the key to creating that foundation

and to living a healthier life.