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Brenda and Ben Santora

I've been training in the martial arts for over 30 years and follow a solo path as a martial artist.

All martial arts traditions have benefits for the practitioner and I choose not to limit myself to any one style. My focus is on the internal martial arts for their approach of using the whole body as a single unit in all movement, as applied to fighting technique and as a means of personal development. I also include elements from the external martial arts which offer effective techniques for fighting and self-defense,

such as blocks, strikes and kicks and help develop coordination. My daily practice runs about 45 minutes and includes yoga, internal and external martial arts, chi kung, baguazhang circle walking and shim gum do.


Training in the martial arts can be of immense benefit to anyone at any age or level of ability.

The practice of martial arts movements is an excellent means of exercise and not just for fighting.

Balance, coordination, proprioception, flexibility, range of motion, increased energy and self-awareness

AND fighting skill can all be attained through regular practice.



Please contact me if you are interested in exploring martial arts training as a complete system of exercise, self-defense and supreme path to health and longevity. I will help you learn a system of martial arts techniques that you can master and remember so that you can create a personal practice of your own.

Ben Santora


(Private Lessons available)