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Martial Arts Practice - Trident Classes - Wed 6pm-7pm and Sat 11am-12pm


All martial arts traditions have benefits for the practitioner. In the classes here at Trident Yoga there is a strong focus on the internal martial arts for their holistic approach of using the whole body as a single unit in all movement, whether applied to fighting techniques or in everyday life. We also practice many techniques from the external martial arts which are effective techniques for fighting and self-defense as well as an excellent method of developing coordination and self-confidence. The one-hour class will involve long periods of standing while executing blocks and strikes as well as stepping, turning and balancing. Kicking is minimal. There is no fighting or sparring in the Wed or Sat weekly classes. Though this training teaches techniques that actually work in fighting situations, the real focus in my Trident classes is teaching martial arts exercises and techniques to people who may have never encountere them in their pursuit of health and fitness. These movements work the body as a unit and are supreme in how they train and unite mind, body and spirit through action.


Wear light, comfortable clothing, practice is in bare feet.

Arrive at least 10-15 min before the class is scheduled to begin.


Training in the martial arts can be of immense benefit to anyone at any age or level of ability.

The practice of martial arts movements is an excellent means of exercise and not just for fighting.

Balance, coordination, proprioception, flexibility, range of motion, increased energy, self-awareness

AND fighting skill can all be attained through regular practice.




Uechi Ryu, Hayashi Ha Shito Ryu - (Japanese Karate)

Tae Kwon Do - (Korean Martial Art)

Shim Gum Do (Korean Zen Buddihst Martial Art) - First Star Black Belt

Chi Kung (Qigong), Baguazhang Circle Walking - (Chinese Internal Energy Arts)


Please contact me if you have any questions or would like more information.

Private lessons are available.

Ben Santora



May 2018