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Brenda and Ben Santora

Ben's personal practice of the fighting arts began as a high school wrestler. An interest in eastern philosophy led to an exploration of meditation and yoga. In 1985 he begain training in Uechi Ryu Karate with master Ihor Rymaruk (Amsterdam NY) creating a solid foundation and lifelong interest in the martial arts. In 1989 in Boston, he began intensive training in the rare Zen Buddhist martial art of Shim Gum Do, created by Zen Master Chang Sik Kim. In 1990, Ben and Brenda moved to Seattle and Ben trained in the Hayashi-Ha Shito Ryu style at the Washington Karate Association. In 2003 Ben returned to resume his training in Shim Gum Do and was awarded his first star black belt in its empty hand forms.


Ben continues a vital and powerful solo approach to the practice of the martial arts, integrating elements from all of his influences and experiences including karate, shim gum do, yoga, chi kung, baguazhang and zen meditation. He trains daily at Trident Yoga, the space he created with his wife Brenda.




The Key of Internal Arts - Jinho Lee

Radial Xingyi Energetics / Tai Chi Surge - Scott Meredith

A Master's Secret of Uechi Ryu - Ihor Rymaruk

Mindful Movement - Sang H. Kim

The Whirling Circles of Baguazhang - Frank Allen and Tina Zhang


If you are interested in a martial arts or chi kung lesson with Ben, please feel free to contact him through Brenda or at the email address below -


Ben Santora

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