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Brenda and Ben Santora

My personal practice of the fighting arts began as a high school wrestler. In 1985 I begain training in Uechi Ryu Karate with master Ihor Rymaruk (Amsterdam NY) creating a solid foundation and lifelong interest in the martial arts. I also began the practice of yoga at this time and still rely on it to provide me with increased flexibility, range of motion, balance and proprioception. Brenda and I moved to Seattle in 1990 where I trained for some time in the Japanese Karate style of Hayashi-Ha Shito Ryu at the Washington Karate Association. In 2003, I began training in the Zen Buddhist martial art of Shim Gum Do, created by Zen Master Chang Sik Kim. This brilliant martial arts system uses its forms as moving meditation in a unique way, bringing the mind, body and spirit together, which is its goal. I was awarded my first star black belt in its empty hand forms.


Now at 64 years old, I follow a solo approach to the practice of the martial arts, not confined to any one school or style, preferring to integrate and practice the many elements and techniques I've learned and use them together. My personal practice includes elements from Yoga, Chi Kung, Karate, Shim Gum Do and Baguazhang.




Ben Santora

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